Geffroi le Crieur

Born: 16 January, 1372 Estaires, Flanders, France
Father: Goubert Mercier
Mother: Flourie l'Oublaière
Siblings: Amelinne (older sister), Pierre (older brother), Rose (younger sister)

Born in southern Flanders on the border of the Comté d'Artois to a family of tailors, Geffroi found no liking for the work, and left his elder brothers to carry on the family trade. At a young age headed for life of aimless wandering and low budget debauchery, he came upon, in the year of our Lord 1389, a position in the town of Voormezele, as that towns public crier. For the next 5 years he enjoyed a simple life of shouting the news and distractedly wandering about the town, and getting paid for it. Not handsomely, mind you, but enough to see to his needs, especially as he could do his own tailoring. All this came to an end in 1394, when the Duke of Burgundy passed thorough town on a tour of his Flemish holdings, and he was hired into the Duke's retinue. This, as it turned out, was only a temporary posting, and Geffroi took once again to wandering, gradually working his way along the coast of France as an itinerant crier, herald and clerk, until, one evening in Cherbourg, on the Feast of St Wulfhilda of Barking in the year of Our Lord 1399, he happened upon Monsieur le Baron and gained some more permanent employ amongst his staff of clerks and messengers, he having demonstrated for Monsieur that his hand was fine and clear, and his skill at transcription prodigious, despite his equally prodigious state of drunkenness. Assigned several years later to be the clerk for the Compagnie, he has discovered an wild passion for the handgonne, and has, by virtue of his diligence and dedication risen to the rank of Lieutenant of the Compagnie.

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