Jonathan Carver

Born: January 8, 1371, Plymouth, England
Father: Robert Carver
Mother: Eleanor Carver
Siblings: None
Spouse: Genevieve de Bordeaux
Children: Everett Carver, Graham Carver
Titles: Baron de Saint Savoil

Jonathan is the owner of a large, well-apportioned inn in Plymouth, England. The inn, House Gravenrock, has been in his family since the time of Jonathan's grandfather, a master woodworker named Richard. Richard had achieved great notoriety for his wood crafting and carving skills, and had several noblemen and wealthy merchants as patrons. He became a fairly wealthy and influential man within the Guild, and the city. Richard was also a wise man; he scrupulously saved his earnings and commissions. His wife bore him a son who shared none of Richard's gift of the craft. His son Robert, and his wife Eleanor, used Robert's inheritance to purchase a small inn in Plymouth. Through wise management, a good location and much luck, the inn prospered and Robert was able to pass a thriving business on to his son. Robert and his wife, Eleanor, produced their son, and only child, Jonathan, on January 8th 1371. House Gravenrock continued to grow and prosper, and eventually larger accommodations needed to be procured. Today the inn boasts several rooms, a fine kitchen and a wine cellar that is unrivaled in the city.

Jonathan came to the awareness of the Baron de Sainte Claire when monsieur le Baron was forced to seek lodging one night in Plymouth. A storm forced his ship to take shelter in the harbor, and the rooms at House Gravenrock were readily available and nearly suitable to Adhemar's status. However, when the Baron discovered wines from his very own holdings in France to be available at the inn, he was impressed and spoke for some time with Jonathan. At the end of the evening, a friendship was begun and an oath was sworn. Jonathan agreed to take on the responsibility of caring for Adhemar's business ventures in England, as well as keeping aware of any other "interests" for the Baron that may occur on the islands.

Jonathan is married to the lovely Genevieve de Bordeaux, whom he met in France while purchasing wine for the Inn. He courted her for a brief time, and they were married shortly after. Jonathan and Genevieve have a two sons, Everett and Graham.

Jonathan continues the family tradition of woodworking, though he barely has a fraction of the skill of his grandfather. He has been well educated, as his father Robert shares the same views on learning forced upon him by Richard. Jonathan had tutors for much of his youth and attended Oxford for a brief time before the business of running the inn called him home. He also uses a longbow with some skill, and is learning to operate a hand-gonne in the service of monsieur le Baron.

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