Marguerite de Sainte Nazaire

Born: January 26, 1381 Morlaix, Brittany, France
Father: Hugh de Morlaix
Mother: Marguerite de Ploufragan
Siblings: Guy de Morlaix
Spouse: Dreux de Sainte-Nazaire (deceased).
Titles: Baroness de Sainte-Nazaire.

Born in 1381 to Hugh, Sire de Morlaix and Marguerite de Plofragran, she was raised in a conservative manner. Taught her letters in the convent school of the Cistertian nuns in Morlaix, she learned French and some Latin, as well as some history and other subjects. From her mother and her ladies she learned those skills which a young lady requires to manage and keep a nobleman's household.
Betrothed by her parents to Dreux de Sainte Nazaire from a young age, they were married in 1395, when Marguerite was 15. It was a brief marriage, however, as Dreux took the cross and marched with the Comte de Nevers to Nicopolis and his death in 1396. In his will he provided that Monsieur le Baron should be her warden for her person and her estates until such time as she remarried. Her inheritance of Sainte Nazaire from her husband, added to those estates which came to her upon her mother's death in 1395, make her a widow of comfortable income, and her still young age makes her a valuable catch in the marriage market.
Her father having passed away in 1397, the family estates at Morlaix have passed to her brother Guy, her senior by three years, who raises horses and his family on them. He is of an amiable, though martial, bent, and is not so good at financial matters. Between ill advised investments and loans to friends, as well as his ransoms he is frequently short of money, and on these occasions he always attempts to charm money out of his little sister to get himself out of debt.
Currently Madame de Sainte Nazaire serves in an unofficial capacity as lady and comandaresse of her warden's household, capably tending to his comforts and managing his affairs as well as to her own estates and manors.

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