Rosette de Rhiems

Birthdate/Place: December 9, 1379. Rhiems, Champagne, France
Father:Crestienne de Hautvillers (deceased)
Mother:Lyonette de Montchenot
Siblings:Geneviere (Older Sister, deceased), Justin (Younger Brother, deceased), Nicholas (younger brother)
Spouse:Jame Agiullier
Titles: Dame de la Chaise

Born in 1379 to Chrestienne and Lyonnette, she was raised at home by her mother and trained well in the household arts. Upon the death of her father, she relocated to the manor of La Chaise, in Poitu, when her mother remarried. Upon the death of her second husband, Lyonnette retired to live as a lay member of a abbey, and Rosette succeeded to the management of the estate, where she keeps house, sees to the raising of her two children and her brother Nicholas and, with her husband Jame, manages the vineyards.

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