Enguerrand De Monstrelet;

Containing an Account of the Cruel Civil Wars
between the Houses of Orleans and Burgundy;

Of the possession of Paris and Normandy by the English;

Their expulsion thence;

And of Other Memorable Events that happened in the Kingdom of France,
as well as in Other Countries.

A History of Fair Example, and of Great Profit to the French

Beginning at the year MCCC, where that of Sir John Froissart finishes,
and ending at the year MCCCCLXVII, and continued by others to the year MDXVI.

Translated by Thomas Jhones, Esq

in two volumes

Book I | Book II | Book III

Contained in these pages is a literal transcription of the Thomas Jhones translation of the Chronicles Enguerrande de Monstrlet, as published, in this edition, in 1840. Included are all of that authors notes, along with some additional ones added by the publishers. These notes are shown in plain text at the bottom of the chapter to which they apply. Any notes by the transcriber (myself) appear in italics below these. Punctuation, capitalization and grammar is all that of Mr. Jhones, though I have taken the liberty to number the notes, as opposed to using the critical marks in the original text, for purposes of clarity. This is still very much a work in progress. I will be adding chapters as often as I can, so please be patient.

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