The Chronicles of Sir John Froissart

Book I

Table of Contents

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Preface Chapter 167: The prince of Wales entertains the king of France at supper, the evening after the battle
Chapter 1: Of the bravest knights of this present book Chapter 168: The prince of Wales returns to Bordeaux, after the battle of Poitiers
Chapter 2: Of some of the predecessors of king Edward of England Chapter 169: The three estates of France assemble at Paris, after the battle of Poitiers
Chapter 3: Of the relations of king Edward the third Chapter 170: The three estates send men at arms against sir Godfrey de Harcourt
Chapter 4: The occasion of the Wars between the kings of England and France Chapter 171: The battle of Coutantin, between sir Godfrey de Harcourt, and sir Raoul de Reyneval
Chapter 5: How earl Thomas of Lancaster, and twenty-two of the greatest nobles in England were beheaded Chapter 172: The prince of Wales conducts the king of France from Bordeaux to England
Chapter 6:   The queen of England goes to complain of sir Hugh Spencer to her brother the king of France Chapter 173: David Bruce, king of Scotland, obtains his liberty
Chapter 7: Sir Hugh Spencer causes the queen Isabella to be sent out of France Chapter 174: The duke of Lancaster lays siege to Rennes
Chapter 8: The queen Isabella leaves France and goes to Germany Chapter 175: A knight of the county of Evreux called sir William de Graville, reconquers the city and castle of Everux from the king of France, who had taken it from the king of Navarre
Chapter 9:   Queen Isabella arrives in England with sir John de Hainault Chapter 176: The archpriest assembles a company of men at arms - He is much honoured at Avignon
Chapter 10:   The queen of England besieges her husband in the city of Bristol Chapter 177: A Welshman, of the name of Ruffin, commands a troop of the Free Companies
Chapter 11: Sir Hugh Spencer, the elder, and the earl of Arundel, are adjudged to death Chapter 178:    The provost of merchants of Paris kills three knights in the apartment of the regent
Chapter 12: The king of England and sir H. Spencer are taken at sea, as they were endevouring to escape from Bristol castle Chapter 179: By what means the king of Navarre escapes out of prison
Chapter 13:   Sir Hugh Spencer is judged and executed Chapter 180:   The king of Navarre makes a solemn harangue to the Parisians
Chapter 14:   The coronation of Edward III Chapter 181: The commencement of the infamous Jacquerie of Beauvoisis
Chapter 15:   Robert Bruce, king of Scotland, defies king Edward Chapter 182: There is no chapter 182, it is an error in numbering
Chapter 16: A dissension between the archers of England and the Hainaulters Chapter 183: The king of Navarre defeats many of these villians in the Beauvoisis - The provost of merchants builds a wall around Paris
Chapter 17: Of the manners of the Scots, and how they carry on war Chapter 184:   The battle of Meaux in Brie, where the villains are discomfited by the earl of Foix and the Captal of Buch
Chapter 18:   King Edward's first expedition against the Scots Chapter 185: Paris besieged by the duke of Normandy, regent of France
Chapter 19: King Edward marries the lady Philippa of Hainault Chapter 186: Some Parisians are slain at St. Cloud, by the English who had been soldiers in Paris
Chapter 20: Robert, king of Scotland, dies Chapter 187:    The death of the provost of merchants of Paris
Chapter 21:   Philip of Valois is crowned king of France Chapter 188: The king of Navarre declares war against France, the French king being at the time a prisoner in England
Chapter 22:   The battle of Cassel in Flanders Chapter 189: The Navarrois are besieged in the castle of Mauconseil, by the men of Picardy
Chapter 23: The earl of Kent and sir Roger Mortimer are put to death Chapter 190: Several of the citizens of Amiens attempt to give up that city to the Navarrois - A famine in France
Chapter 24: King Edward pays homage to the king of France for the duchy of Guienne Chapter 191: The men of Picardy besiege the Navarrois in St. Valery - The kingdom of France is filled with Navarrois
Chapter 25: Robert, count d'Artois, banished France Chapter 192: The canon de Robsart defeats the Navarrois in the Laonnais, near to Creil
Chapter 26:   King Edward takes the city of Berwick Chapter 193: The Navarrois surrender St. Valery to the French, who had besieged it a long time
Chapter 27: King Philip of France and several other knights put on the cross Chapter 194: The lord Philip de Navarre assembles three thousand men to raise the siege of St. Valery
Chapter 28:    King Edward is advised by his council to make war against king Philip of France Chapter 195: Sir Peter Audley leads a party of Navarrois, in the night, to take Chalons
Chapter 29: Jacob van Artaveld governs all Flanders Chapter 196: The earl de Roucy taken a second time
Chapter 30: Certain nobles of Flanders defend the island of Cadsant against the English Chapter 197: Three queens, with the Navarrois are besieged in Melun
Chapter 31:   The battle of Cadsant, between the English and the Flemings attached to the earl of Flanders Chapter 198: Sir Broquart de Fenestranges, with many French, draw up in battle-array, against sir Eustace d'Ambreticourt and the English in Champagne
Chapter 32: King Edward makes great alliances in the empire Chapter 199: The battle of Nogent-sur-Seine, between sir Broquart de Fenestranges and the French, and sir Eustace d'Ambreticourt and the English
Chapter 33: David, king of Scotland, forms an alliance with Philip, king of France Chapter 200: The pillagers who had kept possession of different fortresses in France begin wonderfully to fall off.
Chapter 34: King Edward of England made vicar of the empire of Germany Chapter 201: The French refuse to ratify the treaty which king John had entered into with England
Chapter 35: King Edward and his allies send challenges to the king of France Chapter 202: Sir Eustace d'Ambreticourt obtains his liberty by a great ransom
Chapter 36: Sir Walter Manney, after the challenges had been sent makes the first incursion into France Chapter 203: Sir Broquart de Fenestranges forces payment from the duke of Normandy, regent of Paris
Chapter 37: The French, after the challenges, invade England Chapter 204: Sir Robert Knolles makes an excursion into Berry and Auvergne. He is pursued by the gentlemen of those countries
Chapter 38: King Edward besieges the city of Cambray Chapter 205: Some Germans wait for the king of England at Calais, to attend him in his expedition innto France, during the time king John was in England
Chapter 39: King Edward creates sir Henry of Flanders a knight, and afterwards marches into Picardy Chapter 206: The king of England leads a great army into France, during the time the king of France was a prisoner in England. - The arrangement of the army of England.
Chapter 40: The kings of France and of England appoint a day for their armies to engage Chapter 207: The king of England leaves Calais - The order of his army in their march through Picardy towards Rhiems.
Chapter 41: The kings of France and England draw up their armies in battle array at Vironfosse Chapter 208: The king of England lays siege to the city of Rhiems, and to the castle of Chargny. - The war recommences between the Duke of Normandy and the king of Navarre
Chapter 42:   The two kings retire from Vironfosse without giving battle Chapter 209: The lord of Roye and his company defeat the remainder of the troops of the lord of Gomegines. - The castle of Commercy surrenders to the English.
Chapter 43: King Edward assumes the arms and title of king of France Chapter 210: The king of England, after he had raised the siege of Rhiems, wastes and destroys all the countries he passes through. - He comes to Guillon, where he remains. - Great quantities of provision follow the army
Chapter 44: The French destroy the territories of sir John of Hainault Chapter 211: The king of England lays the kingdom of France under great tribulation. - A cordelier friar phrophesies. - The English place an ambuscade for those who should come out of Paris
Chapter 45:   The earl of Hainault takes and destroys Aubenton, in Tierache Chapter 212: The form and tenor of the paper drawn up as articles of the peace, which was concluded before Chartres, between the kings of france and England
Chapter 46: Those of Tournay make an incursion into Flanders Chapter 213: The transactions of the two kings of France and England, when at Calais, respecting the duchy of Brittany and some lands of the late Godfrey de Harcourt. - King John sets out from Calais and returns home in freedom
Chapter 47: John, duke of Normandy, marches into Hainault Chapter 214: Commissioners appointed on both sides to see the garrisons in the kingdom of France evacuated. - Different bodies of armed men overrun the kingdom, and do much mischief.
Chapter 48: The garrison of Douay makes an incursion into Ostrevant, during the absence of the earl of Hainault in England and Germany Chapter 215: The lord James de Bourbon and his army are defeated by these freebooting companies. - The pope orders a croisade to be proclaimed, after they have taken the Pont du St. Esprit, and finds means to get rid of them.
Chapter 49: The duke of Normandy lays siege to Thin L'Eveque Chapter 216: The deaths of the dukes of Lancaster and of Burgundy, which last causes new dissensions between the kings of France and Navarre. - The prince of Wales crosses the sea to Aquitaine.
Chapter 50:   The naval engagement between the king of England and the French, before Sluys Chapter 217: The kings of France and Cyprus undertake and swear to perform a croisade against the infidels. - the king of Cyprus makes earnest solicitations for assisstance to many kings and princes in divers places of Christendom.
Chapter 51: Robert, king of Sicily, endevours to make peace between the kings of France and England Chapter 218: The king of England detains the hostages as prisoners. - The king of Cyprus use great intreaties with the kings of Navarre and England and the prince of Wales, to induce them to undertake the croisade against the Saracens.
Chapter 52: The king of England and his allies hold a conference at Vilvorde Chapter 219: King John returns, of his own free will, to England, and dies there.
Chapter 53:   The king of England besieges the city of Tournay with a powerful army Chapter 220: King Charles of France makes wise preparations against the king of Navarre,
immediately after the death of king John his father,
and before his coronation.
Chapter 54: The earl of Hainault destroys the towns of Seclin and Orchies Chapter 221: The king of Cyprus returns to Paris. - The funeral of king John at St. Denis. - The captal de Buch makes an attack on sir Bertrand du Guesclin
Chapter 55: The Scots recover a great part of their country during the siege of Tournay Chapter 222: The battle between the French under sir Bertrand du Guesclin, and the Navarrois under the captal de Buch, at Cocherel, in Normandy. - The captal is made prisoner, and victory declares for the French
Chapter 56: The king of France assembles a large army in order to raise the siege of Tournay Chapter 223: Charles V. surnamed the wise, is crowned king of France. - His brother Philip is invested with the duchy of Burgundy, and sent against the free companies of pillagers
Chapter 57: Some of the garrison of Bouchain defeat a body of soldiers from Mortaque before the town of Conde Chapter 224: The lord Lewis of Navarre makes incursions into France. - The duke of Burgundy plans several expeditions against him, but is forced to go into Burgundy, to defend it against the earl of Montbelliard
Chapter 58: Sir William de Bailleul and sir Vauflarts de la Croix, make an excursion to Pont à Tressin Chapter 225: King Charles orders the duke of Burgundy to besiege la Charite. - He wants it to surrender unconditionally, that he may send assisstance to lord Charles de Blois, who is contesting the duchy of Brittany with the earl of Montfort
Chapter 59: The earl of Hainault attacks the fortress of Mortaque in various manners Chapter 226: The lord Charles of Blois advances against the earl of Montfort in order of battle. Sir John Chandos, after having drawn up the batallions of the earl of Montfort, prevents the treaty from taking place which the lord de Beaumanoir was negotiating between the two pretenders to the duchy of Brittany
Chapter 60: The earl of Hainault takes the town of St. Armand, during the siege of Tournay Chapter 227: The battle of Auray, in which sir Bertrand du Guesclin is made prisoner. - Charles de Blois is slain; and John de Montfort is victorious
Chapter 61: Sir Charles de Montmorency, and many others of the French, captured at Pont à Tressin Chapter 228: The chiefs attached to the earl of Montfort retire after the victory at Auray. - the earl's conduct, on seeing Charles de Blois dead. - Truces granted for the burying of the slain. - In what manner the king of England was informed of the event of this battle of Auray
Chapter 62: The Flemings advance to St. Omer during the siege of Tournay Chapter 229: The earl of Montfort conquers Auray and several other places from the widow of lord Chasrles de Blois. - King Charles interposes between them, and makes peace. - A peace is also made between the kings of France and Navarre, through the medium of the captal de Buch
Chapter 63: The siege of Tournay raised by means of a truce Chapter 230: A war in Spain between the king, don Pedro of Castille, and his bastard brother Henry - to whose aid the lord John de Bourbon and sir Bertrand du Guesclin lead the pillaging companies. - Henry, by their means, is crowned king of Castille
Chapter 64 The duke of Brittany dies without heirs; upon which a war ensues for the succession Chapter 231: King don Pedro sends to entreat the prince of Wales' assisstance against his brother, Henry the bastard. - He retires into Guienne, where he is well recieved by the prince
Chapter 65: The earl of Montfort takes the town and castle of Brest Chapter 232: The prince of Wales holds a grand conference ar Bordeaux on the affairs of the king of Castille. - He receives letters from the king of England, to assent to the proposals of assisting don Pedro. - He makes overtures to the king of Navarre, for a free passage through his kingdom, to enable him to conduct done Pedro back to Castile.
Chapter 66: The earl of Montfort takes the city of Rennes Chapter 233: The prince of Wales makes preparations for replacing don Pedro on his throne of Castille - Henry the bastard, though late informed of it, endevours to prevent it
Chapter 67: The earl of Montfort takes the town and castle of Hennebon Chapter 234: The viscount of Narbonne, the seneschal of Toulouse, with other French lords, having attacked some of the free companies, that were come into France according to the orders of the prince, are discomfited near Montauban. - the pope forbids the prisoners whom the companies had taken, and set free on their parole after the combat, to keep their faith, or to pay any ransom
Chapter 68: the earl of Montfort does homage to the king of England for the dukedom of Brittany Chapter 235: During the time the price of Wales is preparing for his expedition into Castille, the king of Majorca seeks refuge with him against the king of Arragon - The prince displeases the lord d'Albret
Chapter 69:   The earl of Montfort summoned before the parliament of Paris, at the request of the lord Charles of Blois Chapter 236: The birth of Richard, son of the prince of Wales. - The arrival of the duke of Lancaster, to accompany his brother on his intended expedition. - New treaties with the king of Navarre, for the security of passing through his kingdom. - Sir Bretrand du Guesclin returns to the assistance of king Henry
Chapter 70: The duchy of Brittany adjudged by the parliament of Paris to the lord Charles of Blois Chapter 237: The prince of Wales and his army pass the mountains of Navarre, and arrive at Pampeluna. - King Henry of Castille writes letter to him. - Sir William Felton commands an advanced party of the army
Chapter 71: The lords of France enter Brittany with lord Charles of Blois Chapter 238: The king of Navarre is made prisoner by sir Oliver de Mauny, a Breton and partisan of king Henry - The prince of Wales advances to Salvatierra, in Spain - Sir William Felton skirmishes with the enemy near the guarters of the king of Spain - The two armies advance towards each others
Chapter 72: The earl of Montfort taken prisoner at Nantes, and the manner of his death Chapter 239: The arrival of sir Bertrand du Guesclin, to the aid of king Henry. - Don Tello attacks the advanced guard of the prince of Wales. - Defeats sir William Felton and his body of men
Chapter 73: The king of England for the third time makes war upon the Scots Chapter 240: Sir Arnold d'Andreghen gives good advice to king Henry of Castille. - The prince of Wales sends a tardy answer to the king's letter.
Chapter 74  King David of Scotland advances with a large army to Newcastle-upon-Tyne Chapter 241: The battle of Navarretta, which the prince of Wales, supporting the part of don Pedro against his brother the bastard, gains. - Sir Bertrand du Guesclin is made prisoner, and king Henry forced to fly, having fought most valiantly.
Chapter 75: King David of Scotland takes and destroys the city of Durham Chapter 242: All Castille, after the battle of Navarretta, acknowledges don Pedro. - He protracts the stay of the prince of Wales at Vallodolid, whilst he seeks for money to pay the army
Chapter 76: The king of Scotland besieges Wark Castle, belonging to the earl of Salisbury Chapter 243: King Henry of Castille having escaped from the battle of Najarra, makes war upon Aquitaine. - The prince of Wales leaves Spain, discontented with the king don Pedro
Chapter 77:   The king of England is enamoured with the countess of Salisbury Chapter 244: After the return of the prince to Aquitaine, king Henry of Castille leaves Bagnieres in Bogorre, and retires to the kingdom of Arragon. - Sir Bertrand du Guesclin obtains his ransom. - The free companies of the prince ennter the kingdom of France. - Some of the great barons of Aquitaine complain to king Charles of France of a certain tax, called fouage, which the prince was about to lay on their lands.
Chapter 78: The earls of Salisbury and Moray are set at liberty in exchange for each other Chapter 245: The bastard Henry of Castille, by the assistance of the king of Arragon and sir Bertrand du Guesclin, again make war upon his brother don Pedro. - Having defeated him in a battle, he is made prisoner, and murdered. - Henry remains king of Spain.
Chapter 79: Lord Charles of Blois with some other lords of France take the city of Rennes Chapter 246: King Charles V. is advised to declare himself lord paramount of Guienne and Aquitaine, on account of the hearth-tax which the prince of Wales was about to raise - This causes a renewal of the war between the French and the English
Chapter 80:   The lord Charles of Blois besieges the countess of Montfort in Hennebon Chapter 247: The king of France sends a summons to the prince of Wales, to appear in the chamber of peers at Paris, in the matter of an appeal from the barons of Gascony.
Chapter 81:   Sir Walter Manny conducts the English into Brittany Chapter 248: The prince of Wales imprisons the commissioners from the king of France who had brought him the summons of appeal from the lords of Gascony to the court of France
Chapter 82: The castle of Conquet twice taken Chapter 249: The duke of Berry and several more lords, who had been hostages in England, return to France
Chapter 83: The lord Lewis takes the towns of Dinant and Guerrande Chapter 250: The earl of Perigord, the viscount of Carmaing and other barons of Gascony, defeat the high steward of Rouergue
Chapter 84: Sir Walter Manny defeats the lord Lewis of Spain, at Quimperle Chapter 251: The king of France gains several captains of the free companies. - He sends his defiance to the king of England
Chapter 85: Sir Walter Manny takes the castle of Goy le Foret Chapter 252: Challenges from France are delivered to the king of England - The earl of St. Pol and the lord of Chatillon conquers the county of Ponthieu
Chapter 86: The lord Charles of Blois takes the town of Carhaix Chapter 253: The king of England sends a large body of men at arms to the borders of Scotland. - The dukes of Berry and of Anjou issue their orders for their vassals to attack the prince of Wales
Chapter 87: Sir John Boteler and sir Matthew Trelawny are rescued from death Chapter 254: Several captains of companies side with different parties - The king of England sends the earl of Cambridge and the earl of Pembroke to the assistance of his son the prince of Wales. - They pass through Brittany.
Chapter 88: Lord Charles of Blois takes the town and castle of Jugon Chapter 255: The earls of Cambridge and of Pembroke arrive at Angouleme. - The prince sends them to overrun the county of Perigord. - Some English are defeated near to Lusignan.
Chapter 89: The king of England makes great feast and tournaments at London, through affection for the countess of Salisbury Chapter 256: Sir John Chandos takes Terrieres. - The earl of Perigord and many other knights lays seige to Realville in Quercy
Chapter 90: The king of England sends the lord Robert d'Artois into Brittany Chapter 257: The archbishop of Toulouse turns the city of Cahors and several other towns to the party of the king of France. - The dukes of Gueldres and Juliers send defiances to the king of France
Chapter 91: A sea engagement, off Gurnsey, between the lord Robert d'Artois and the lord Lewis of Spain Chapter 258: The duke of Burgundy, brother to king Charles V. marries the daughter of the earl of Flanders. - The king of England enters into negotiations with the king of Navarre
Chapter 92:  The lord Robert d'Artois takes the city of Vannes Chapter 259: The constables of France and of Hainault undertake a grand expedition to attack Ardres. - The fortress of Realville is taken, and all the English who were in it put to the sword
Chapter 93: The death of the Lord Robert d'Artois Chapter 260: The French take la Roche Posay. - The seneschal of Poitou burns and destroys the lands of the lord de Chauvigny, and takes by assault his rincipal town of Brux
Chapter 94: The king of England continues the war in person in Brittany Chapter 261: Sir Robert Knolles is appointed captain of the prince's company. - He causes sir Perducas d'Albret to turn to the English. - He besieges the French companies in the fort of Durmel
Chapter 95:  The lord of Clisson and sir Herve de Leon are taken prisoners by the English Chapter 262: Sir Robert Knolles and sir John Chandos raise the siege of Durmel. - They lay siege to the Domme.
Chapter 96: The king of England takes the town of Dinant - The lord Lewis of Spain makes some cruises at sea Chapter 263: Sir Robert Knolles and sir John Chandos march from Domme, without doing anything. - They take Gavanches, Rochemadour, and several other towns which had turned to the party of the French
Chapter 97: The duke of Normandy brings with him some lords of France, to oppose the king of England in Brittany Chapter 264: The earls of Cambridge and of Pembroke conquer the garrison of Bourdeilles.
Chapter 98: The king of England and the duke of Normandy encamp their armies opposite each other, near to Vannes Chapter 265: Sir Robert Knolles, sir John Chandos, and sir Thomas Felton marshal their men, and return to the prince of Wales
Chapter 99:    The king of France orders the lord of Clisson, and many other lords of Brittany and Normandy, to be beheaded Chapter 266: The free companies attached to the English take the castle of Belleperche and the mother of the duke of Bourbon who was in it. - They also take the strong castle of St. Sauveur in Berry
Chapter 100: King Edward intstitutes the order of St. George, at Windsor Chapter 267: The king of France, intending to send a large naval armament to the English coast, is prevented by the arrival of the duke of Lancaster at Calais
Chapter 101: The king of England sets at liberty sir Herve de Leon Chapter 268: The castle of la Roche sur Yon surrenders to the English. - The governor of it put to death, by orders from the duke of Anjou.
Chapter 102: The king of England sends the earl of Derby to make war in Gascony Chapter 269: The duke of Burgundy marches from the city of Rouen, with the intention of combating the duke of Lancaster and the English. - The two armies are encamped opposite to each other at Tournehem
Chapter 103: The earl of Derby conquers Bergerac Chapter 270: Sir John Chandos does great miscief to the province of Anjou. - He despoils the estates of the viscount de Rochechouart, except the fortresses and strongholds
Chapter 104: The earl of Derby conquers many towns and fortresses in upper Gascony Chapter 271: The lord Louis de Sancerre surprises the earl of Pembroke. - Several of his men are slain, and the earl is besieged in a house at Purienon
Chapter 105: The earl of Oxford is taken prisoner in Gascony, but set at liberty in exchange Chapter 272: Sir John Chandos comes to the assistance of the earl of Pembroke, besieged in Puirenon
Chapter 106: The count de Lisle, liuetenant for the king of France in Gascony, lays seige to the castle of Auberoche Chapter 273: The death of queen Philippa of England: she makes three requests to the king on her death-bed. - Some Frenchmen, having attacked the English camp at Tournehem, are repulsed by sir Sobert de Namur
Chapter 107: The earl of Derby makes the count of Lisle and nine more counts and viscounts prisoners, before Auberoche Chapter 274: The duke of Burgundy and his army decamp without a battle. - the duke of Lancaster returns to Calais
Chapter 108: The earl of Derby takes different towns in Gascony, in his road towards La Reole Chapter 275: The earl of Pembroke, desirous of avenging himself for the defeat he recieved at Puirenon, makes an incursion to Anjou. - The abbey of St. Salvin in Poitou is betrayed to the French, and fortified
Chapter 109: The earl of Derby lays seige to La Reole, which surrenders to him Chapter 276: The county of St. Pol in Picardy is pillaged and reuined by the English. - Sir Hugh de Chastillon is taken prisoner
Chapter 110: Sir Walter Manny finds in La Reole the sepulchre of his father Chapter 277: There is no chapter 277
Chapter 111: The earl of Derby conquers the castle of La Reole Chapter 278: Sir John Chandos is slain in a skirmish. - The French, at first victorious, are in the end defeated
Chapter 112: The earl of Derby takes Castel Moron, and afterwards Villefranche, in Perigord Chapter 279: The lord de Coucy and the lord de Pommiers are unwilling to take part with either side in this war. - The lords de Maleval and de Marneil turn to the French
Chapter 113: The earl of Derby conquers the city of Angouleme Chapter 280: The form of the letter which the English king sent into Aquitaine. - Chatelheraut is taken by the French, and Belleperche is besieged
Chapter 114: Sir Godfrey de Harcourt banished from France Chapter 281: The earls of Cambridge and Pembroke carry off the mother of the duke of Bourbon with the garrison of Belleperche. - the duke of Bourbon takes possession of that castle
Chapter 115  Jacob von Artaveld is murdered at Ghent Chapter 282: The four brothers of France have a meeting. - Their preparations for the war. - The mother of the duke of Bourbon obtains her liberty. - A treaty entered into between the kings of France and Navarre
Chapter 116: William earl of Hainault is slain in Friezland, and many noblemen with him Chapter 283: Sir Bertrand du Guesclin leaves Spain and arrives at Toulouse, there the duke of Anjou recieves him with great joy. - They take together several castles from the English
Chapter 117: Sir John of Hainault quits the alliance of England for that of France Chapter 284: The duke of Berry invades Limousin
Chapter 118: The duke of Normandy marches with a great army into Gascony, against the earl of Derby Chapter 285: A truce is established between England and Scotland. - Sir Robert Knolles overruns, burns and ravages the whole countries of Picardy and Vermandois.
Chapter 119: Sir John Norwich escapes from Angouleme, when that town surrenders to the French Chapter 286: The garrison of Noyon make the English prisoners who had set fire to Pont-l'Eveque. - The king of France sends for Bertrand du Guesclin.
Chapter 120: The duke of Normandy lays seige to Aiguillon, with a hundred thousand men Chapter 287: The prince of Wales assembles his army at Cognac, where he meets his brother the duke of Lancaster. - The dukes of Anjou and Berry break up their expedition, Limoges having returned to the French.
Chapter 121: The king of England marches into Normandy with his army, in three batallions Chapter 288: The prince of Wales, anxious to recover Limoges, lays siege to it, and undermines it
Chapter 122: The king of France collects a large force, to oppose the king of England Chapter 289: Sir Robert Knolles, in continuing his incursions through different provinces of France, advances near Paris. - A knight of his army, in returning from a vainglorious expedition, is slain by a butcher of Paris.
Chapter 123:    The battle of Caen. The English take the town Chapter 290: Sir Bertrand du Guesclin takes the fortress of St. Yrier in Limousin. The prince of Wales re-conquers Limoges
Chapter 124:    The English commit great disorders in Normandy - Sir Godfrey de Harcourt encounters the men of Amiens, on their way to Paris, and king Edward marches into Picardy Chapter 291: Sir Bertrand du Guesclin is made constable of France.
Chapter 125: The king of France pursues the king of England, in the country of Beauvais Chapter 292: Sir Bertrand du Guesclin and the lords de Clisson defeat the forces of sir Robert Knolles at Pont-Valin
Chapter 126: The battle of Blanchetaque, between the king of England and sir Godemar du Fay Chapter 293: Sir Eustace d'Ambreticourt is made prisoner and ransomed - Sir Raymond de Marneil, a partisan of France is taken, and in imminent danger, but saved by his keeper
Chapter 127: The order of the battle of the English at Crecy, who were drawn up in three batallions of foot Chapter 294: The prince of Wales, having lost by death his eldest son, gives up the duchy of Aquitaine to the care of the duke of Lancaster. - Four knights of Brittany take the castle of Mont-Paon
Chapter 128: The order of the French army at Crecy Chapter 295: The four knights defend themselves against the duke of Lancaster. - The duke, on taking the place, admits them to ransom.
Chapter 129:    The battle of Crecy, between the kings of France and of England Chapter 296: The duke of Lancaster disbands his army, and returns to Bordeaux. - The lord de Pons turns to the French party
Chapter 130: The English on the morrow again defeat the French Chapter 297: The English take the castle of Montcontour.
Chapter 131: The English number the dead slain at the battle of Crecy Chapter 298: Sir Bertrand du Guesclin, constable of France, besieges the town of Uzes, which surrenders to him upon capitulation
Chapter 132: The king of England lays siege to Calais - The poorer sort of the inhabitants are sent out of it Chapter 299: The king of England's anger against sir Robert Knolles is appeased. - Peace is made between the English and the Flemings.
Chapter 133: The duke of Normandy raises the siege of Aiguillion Chapter 300: The king of Majorca is ransomed from king Henry of Spain. - He makes war on the king of Arragon
Chapter 134: Sir Walter Manny, by means of a passport, rides through France, from Aiguillon to Calais Chapter 301: The duke of Lancaster espouses the eldest daughter of the late don Pedro, king of Spain. - Treaties of alliance are entered into between the kings of France and Spain
Chapter 135: The earl of Derby takes many towns and castles in Poitou, and the city of Poitiers Chapter 302: The duke of Lancaster appoints governors in Guienne: he returns to England, and carries his lady with him. - Sir Walter Manny dies in London.
Chapter 136: The king of Scotland, during the siege of Calais, invades England Chapter 303: The king of England appoints the earl of Pembroke governor of Aquitaine. - The Spaniards, being allies of France, attack him at sea, off la Rochelle.
Chapter 137:    The Battle of Neville's Cross Chapter 304: The inhabitants of la Rochelle refuse to assist the earl of Pembroke. - The seneschal and the lord de Tannaybouton, with others, come to his aid.
Chapter 138: John Copeland takes the king of Scotland prisoner, and receives great advantages from it. Chapter 305: The earl of Pembroke is defeated, and made prisoner by the Spaniards. - They sail from la Rochelle with their prisoners. - The captal de Buch arrives there, but too late.
Chapter 139: The young earl of Flanders is betrothed, through the constraint of the Flemings, to the daughter of the king of England. He escapes in a subtle manner Chapter 306: Evan of Wales defeats the English off the island of Guernsey. - The king of France sends him to Spain to seek for men at arms, to lay siege to la Rochelle
Chapter 140: The lord Robert de Namur does homage to the king of England, before Calais Chapter 307: The king of England is much cast down at the capture of the earl of Pembroke. - Evan of Wales meets the earl of earl a prisoner in Spain.
Chapter 141:    The English conquer La Roche-D'Errien, to which the lord Charles lays siege Chapter 308: The constable du Guesclin takes the castle of Monmorillon, and other place in Poitou.
Chapter 142:    The combat of La Roche-D'Errien, where the lord Charles of Blois is made prisoner Chapter 309: The constable of France takes Moncontour by a capitulation. - He marches from thence to form a junction with the duke of Berry in the Limousin, when they lay siege to St. Severe.
Chapter 143: The king of France collects a great army to raise the siege of Calais Chapter 310: The garrison of St. Severe, after a sharp asault, surrenders to sir Bertrand du Guesclin. - The city of Poitiers turns to the French party.
Chapter 144: The king of England guards all the passes round Calais, so that the king of France cannot approach to raise the siege Chapter 311: The French make the captal de Buch prisoner. - La Rochelle turns to the French
Chapter 145: The town of Calais surrenders to the king of England Chapter 312: Sir Bertrand du Guesclin takes several castles in the Rochellois. - The king of England embarks to come to the assistance of Thouars, but is prevented by contrary winds: upon which those of Thouars, and many others in Poitou, surrender to the French
Chapter 146: The king of England re-peoples Calais Chapter 313: The duke of Brittany dares not openly declare for the king of England. - Sir Bertrand du Guesclin lays siege to Civray. - The English are defeated, and the whole of the countries of Poitou, Saintonge, and la Rochelle, are given up to the French
Chapter 147: A robber, of the name of Bacon, does much mischief in Languedoc Chapter 314: The siege of Becherel. - Peace between the kings of France and Navarre. - The death of the king of Scotland.
Chapter 148: A page, of the name of Croquart, turns robber Chapter 315: The earl of Salisbury, sir William Neville, sir Philip Courtenay, with many other men at arms, land in Brittany. - The constable of France marches thither; on which the duke of Brittany goes to England.
Chapter 149: Sir Aymery de Pavie plots with sir Geoffry de Chargny, to sell the town of Calais Chapter 316: The French besiege four different places. - La Roche-sur-Yon surrenders to the French. - The siege of Brest is raised by a capitulation, which is not kept
Chapter 150:    The battle of Calais, between the king of England, under the banner of sir Walter Manny, with sir Geoffry de Chargny and the French Chapter 317: The duke of Lancaster lands at Calais, and invades Picardy. - A paet of his army defeated by the lord de Boursiers before Ribemont. - Another part of his army is defeated near Soissons by an ambuscade of Burgundians and French
Chapter 151: The king of England presents a chaplet of pearls to sir Eustace de Ribeaumont - Additions, From two MSS. in the Hafod Library, not in any of the printed copies Chapter 318: The hostages sent from Derval are beheaded. - Sir Robert Knolles retaliates on those prisoners whom he had taken. - The duke of Lancaster finishes his expedition
Chapter 152:    The death of king Philip, and coronation of his son John Chapter 319: The duke of Anjou's campaign into upper Gascony.
Chapter 153: The king of Navarre causes the lord Charles of Spain, constable of France, to murdered; with other matters Chapter 320: The earl of Pembroke and his companions are ransomed. - A short truce between the French and the English. - Becherel surrenders on terms. - The death of the earl of Pembroke
Chapter 154: The tax of the gabelle imposed throughout France, by the three estates, on account of the war Chapter 321: Several towns in Cascony surrender to the king of France. - Sir Hugh de Chastillon returns from prison. - The castle of Becherel surrenders to the French.
Chapter 155:    The king of France arrests the king of Navarre, and orders the earl of Harcourt and others to be beheaded at Rouen Chapter 322: A truce agreed on at Bruges between the kings of France and England. - The duke of Brittany retires to his own country, and regains some of his towns and cities
Chapter 156: The king of France issues out a summons for assembling an army to combat the prince of Wales, who was overrunning the province of Berry Chapter 323: Some Breton lords of the French party are near being taken by the duke of Brittany, but are delivered by the truces at Bruges
Chapter 157:    The prince of Wales takes the castle of Romorantin Chapter 324: St. Sauveur le Vicomte surrenders to the French. - the lord de Coucy leads a large army into Austria, which he claims as his inheritance.
Chapter 158: The king of France leads a great army to the battle of Poitiers Chapter 325: The truce between France and England is Prolonged. - The death of the black prince. - The lord de Coucy returns, having had indifferent success
Chapter 159: The disposition of the French before the battle of Poitiers Chapter 326: Richard, son of the prince of Wales, is acknowledged as presumptive heir to the crown of England. - The negotiations for peace having failed, and the truces expired, the war is renewed between the French and the English.
Chapter 160: The cardinal de Perigord endevours to make peace between the king of France and the prince of Wales, previous to the battle of Poitiers Chapter 327: Pope Gregory XI. leaves Avignon, and returns to Rome. - On the death of Edward III. Richard, son of the late prince of Wales, is crowned king of England.
Chapter 161:    The battle of Poitiers, between the price of Wales and the king of France Chapter 328: The king of France equips for sea a large fleet, which burns several towns in England.
Chapter 162: Two frenchmen, running away from the battle of Poitiers, are pursued by two Englishmen, who are themselves made prisoners Chapter 329: The town of Ardres surrendered to the French. - The deaths of the captal de Buch and of the Queen of France.
Chapter 163:    The manner in which king John was taken prisoner at the battle of Poitiers Chapter 330: The war recommences between the king of France and the king of Navarre. - The siege of Cherbourg. - The duke of Lancaster invades Brittany. The castle of Auray surrenders to the French
Chapter 164: the prince of Wales makes a handsome present to the lord James Audley, after the bettle of Poitiers Chapter 331: The French garrison of Montbourg is defeated by the English at Cherbourg.
Chapter 165: The English gain very considerably at the battle of Poitiers
Chapter 166: The lord James Audley gives to his squires the pension of five hundred marcs he had received from the prince

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