The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Thomas Legge, m'.
Will' Totenham. Ric' Smelte

In this yere kyng Edward and kyng Phillip of Fraunce were sworns to kepe pees; and kyng Edward shulde have in pees, without homage doying, all the londes of Guyon, Angeoy, and Normandye, and others that longen to hym be heritage of olde tyme. Also this yere the kyng revoked the staple of wolles out of Flaundres, and ordeyned it to be in diverses places of Engelond; that is to seye, at Westm', Caunterbury, Chichestre, Bristoll, Lincoln and at Hull.

In this year king Edward and king Phillip of France were sworn to keep peace; and king Edward should have in peace, without homage doing, all the lands of Guyenne, Anjou, and Normandy, and others that belonged to him by heritage of old time. Also this year the king revoked the staple of wool out of Flanders, and ordained it to be in diverse places of England; that is to say, at Westminster, Canterbury, Chichester, Bristol, Lincoln, and at Hull.

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