The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Steph'us Caundyssh, m'.
John of Seynt Albons. Jacob Andrewe.

This same yere upon seynt Maurys day, the yere of our lord a mccclxj, was the gret wynd whiche caste doun tres, houses, pynacles and steplees of chirches and manye places in Engelond. Also this yere Sr. Leonell the kynges son was mad duke of Clarence, and Sr. Edmond of Wodestoke was made erle of Caumbregg.

This same year upon saint Mary's day, in the year of our lord 1362, was the great wind which cast down trees, houses, pinnacles and steeples of churches and many places in England. Also this year Sir Lionel the king's son was made duke of Clarence, and Sir Edmund of Woodstock was made earl of Cambridge.

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