The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Adam of Bery, maior, skynnere.
Simon Mordon. John Medford.

This same yere of oure lord a mccclxiiij was the batell of Orrey in Britayne, where Sr. Charles de Bloys chalanged to be duke of Bretayne was sclayn, and Sr. Bertram Claykyn was take with manye othere lordes and knyghtes. Also this same yere, at Saveye besyde Westm', deyde kyng John of Fraunce. And also in the same yere was a strong cold frost, whiche endured fro seynt Andrews day unto the kal' of Aprill.

This same year of our lord 1364 was the battle of Auray in Brittany, where Sir Charles de Blois [who] challenged to be duke of Brittany was slain, and Sir bertrand du Guesclin was taken with many other lords and knights. Also in this same year, at Savoy beside Westminster, died king John of France. Also in the same year was a strong cold frost which endured from saint Andrew's day unto the kalends of April.

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