The Chronicle of London

Rex Edwardius Tertius


Adam stable maior usq' xxj diem Marcij, quo die p' p'ceptu' regis amotus fuit, et Nich's Brembre el'tus fuit p'res' a.
John North, drap'. Rob't Launde.

In this yere, upon Trinite Soneday the viij day of Juyn, withinne the kyngs paleys of Westm' deyde the noble flour of knyghthood, that is to seye, the good prince Edward, whoos body lith worthily entered at Caunterbury a for yeyns seint Thomas schryne. Also in this yere oon Prentyng of Norfolk was enprisoned in the erles place of Northumbr', for whiche the peple of London arros a sclayn the erle and cast down his place. Also this yere Richard the sone of prince Edward was mad prynce of Walys.

In this year, upon Trinity Sunday the 8th day of June, within the king's palace of Westminster died the noble flower of knighthood, that is to say, the good prince Edward, whose body lies worthily interned at Canterbury before [something] saint Thomas' shrine. Also in this year one Prentyng of Norfolk was imprisoned in the earls palace of Northumberland, for which the people of London arose and slew the earl and cast down his palace. Also in this year Richard the son of prince Edward was made prince of Wales.

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