The Chronicle of London

Rex Henricus Quartus


Richard Merlawe, John Lane, m'c'. A^{o}. xj^{mo}. Irmong', maior. Will' Chichele, groc'. [Sidenote: An heretyk was brent.] This same yere there was a clerk that beleved nought on the sacrament of the auter, that is to seye Godes body,[89] which was dampned and brought into Smythfeld to be brent, and was bounde to a stake where as he schulde be brent. And Herry prynce of Walys, thanne the kynges eldest sone, consailed hym for to forsake his heresye, and holde the righte wey of holy chirche.[90] And the prior of seynt Bertelmewes in Smythfeld broughte the holy sacrament of Godys body, with xij torches lyght before, and in this wyse cam to this cursed heretyk: and it was asked hym how he beleved; and he ansuerde, that he belevyd well that it was halowed bred and nought Godes body; and thanne was the toune put over hym, and fyre kyndled thereinne: and whanne the wrecche felte the fyre he cryed mercy; and anon the prynce comanded to take awey the toune and to quenche the fyre, the whiche was don anon at his comaundement: and thanne the prynce asked hym if he wolde forsake his heresye and taken hym to the feith of holy chirche, which if he wolde don, he schulde have hys lyf and good ynowe to lyven by: and the cursed schrewe wold nought, but contynued forth in his heresye; wherfore he was brent, and a versyfyer made of hym, in metre, thise too verses: _Hereticus credat ve p'ustus ab orbe recedat Ne fidos ledat satel hunc baratro sibi p'dat._ Also in this yere the stokkes betwen the Cornhull and the Pultrye was begonne to make, and in the yere nest folwynge it was ful complet and made. In this yere was a fray mad in Estchepe, be the kynges sones Thomas and John, with men of the town. Also this same yere there went the duke of Clarence, the duke of Yorke, the erl of Dorset, to the duke of Orlions, ageyn the duke of Burgoyne, and landed at Hogges.

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